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We can help meet the changes in services demand.

Are you looking for interim staff? You can count on our recruiters at American Health Care Staffing. Our interim staff goes through a rigorous selection process until they can match your qualifications. You can expect that they are fully trained and are equipped with the needed skill sets.

We can provide you with:

  • Interim Director of Nursing (DON) Placement
  • Interim Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Interim Unit Manager
  • Interim Nursing Home Administrator
  • Interim Assisted Living Executive Director
  • Interim Wellness Nurse

AHS Long-Term Care and Post-Acute Customized Operational Assistance Consulting Services

American Healthcare Staffing Consulting (AHS) provides nursing home consulting services to long-term care, post-acute providers, including educational and training services, to promote overall efficiency and compliance.

American Healthcare Staffing Consulting Services commonly provides services to nursing homes in the following areas:

  • Overall Operations (including Interim coverage PRN)
  • MDS Management
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI)
  • 5 Star Rating System Improvement
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding Training
  • Billing and Denials Management
  • Employee Turnover
  • Regulatory Survey Preparation.

AHS Clinical, Financial, Operational, and Educational Consultation:
AHS Consulting Services will assign an associate who will coordinate and provide consulting services to allow organizations to maintain the most up-to-date Medicare compliance systems and keep staff trained in current regulations and changes to reimbursement programs.

AHS Census Program Development:
Through an exclusive agreement with Care Transitions, providing residents with intense care management in the post-discharge setting, providing the opportunity to access additional SNF benefits, decreasing rehospitalization rates, and improving 5 Star rating.

AHS Temporary MDS Staffing Solutions:
Looking for MDS nurse(s) to cover your MDS office for vacation or just temporary basis? AHS Consulting services will help you make sure you do not lose money during this vacancy until your employees return or until you hire someone to take over.

AHS Identification of Organizational Financial Risk Indicators:
AHS consulting services will review all work processes to increase facility efficiency and accuracy.

AHS Clinical Reimbursement Staff Management and Performance Assessment:
LTC Management Consulting Solutions

Including pre-employment interviews and annual performance evaluations.

AHS Software Training:
Is your organization adopting a new clinical system or just need some employees re-training? AHS consulting services can help with select EMR programs for all members of the Interdisciplinary Team.

AHS Profitability Analysis: Utilizing facility fixed and overhead costs to identify profit/loss, per resident, per facility, or company-wide.

AHS Customized Consulting Services: AHS Consulting will provide customized educational, clinical, financial, or operational consulting services to meet your organization’s needs when you need them.

AHS Compliance Solution Helpline Access: Facilities have access to an AHS Consulting associate to answer questions regarding MDS/PPS/Medicare compliance and assistance in locating regulations and resources.

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