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Benefits of Temporary Staffing Solutions:

  • Enjoy flexible staffing on demand and convert labor costs from fixed to variable
  • Shift your workers’ comp claims and unemployment headaches to us
  • Eliminate overtime pay and reduce costs by 21% or more by using temporary employees
  • Expand capacity without increasing overhead by using temporary employees to supplement your core staff
  • Improve access to talent and never be short-handed by using pre-screened individuals for last-minute fill-ins.

Benefits of Local and Long-Term Contract Staffing Solutions

  • Keep critical positions fully staffed.
  • Limit benefit expenses (these costs are usually 21 – 26% of payroll) by shifting that burden to AHS
  • Boost the morale of your permanent staff – 43% of employees are likely to leave due to “burnout”
  • Boost performance of your permanent staff – reducing burnout, reduces human error.
  • Avoid gaps in your workforce from vacations, disability, or maternity leaves.
  • Manage rapid growth more efficiently, or test-drive new ideas or expansion of new units or territories before hiring permanent employees

Benefits of Direct Hire and Temp-to-Hire Staffing Solutions:

  • Experience no monetary obligation unless you hire a referred candidate from us.
  • Limit legal exposure for issues such as discriminatory hiring practices
  • Reduce the time and headaches associated with hiring, including sorting through stacks of applications, fielding applicant calls and emails, pre-employee screenings, and more.
  • Improve focus on your core activities by shifting the hiring work to AHS
  • Shift the administrative burden to us for tasks such as screening, testing, interviews, background checks, reference checks, and more.
  • Reduce turnover and bad hires.
  • Gain access to passive candidates
  • Try out our employees before you commit.
  • And of course, enjoy one-stop for all healthcare staffing solutions, including Temporary Staffing, travel nursing, allied health, home care, and direct hire.
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